Saturday, February 26, 2011


Since my Granny passed away in August, I've been having dreams about her. I made her promise to visit me in my dreams before she went away. I was really upset, because for the first few months after she died she didn't visit me. But, lately I've been dreaming about her. In one dream I dug her up from the ground and she came back to life. She was so happy to be back and we were trying to figure out how to bring other people back from the dead. In another dream I was walking around holding her and she was laughing.  The next time I dream about her, I will write about it right away so I can remember more details. I really do have the most vivid dreams every single night.

For the past 5 years, I've been talking to my Granny on the phone at least every two weeks, sometimes every week. We would usually talk for 2 hours. She was my best friend. I really miss her. I would always tell her about my night terrors and she always thought they were so funny. Since I was little, I would sleep in the same bed as her while visiting. She had one of those giant Texas-sized beds. On one of the last visits, she made me take one of her Zoloft, so I wouldn't wake up screaming with her. OH i miss her. Even on my last day of life with her, we took a nap together in that bed. Granny please visit me tonight.

The Giant Spider On The Ceiling

I've been pretty good about sleeping the past few months. Every few weeks, I've been waking up screaming, but it hasn't been as bad lately,until last night. I thought I saw a giant spider on the ceiling and jumped right off my air mattress screaming and into the hallway where I turned the lights on. It wasn't real and I went back to sleep with my heart pounding.  When I'm not dreaming about spiders, I'm dreaming about people in the room.